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The Falcoholic expert picks: Week 6

There's absolutely no way the Falcons are losing this week. I guarantee it.


Atlanta is currently recovering on a much-needed bye, so we won't be able to all pick the Falcons to win this time around. Fortunately, there are quite a few intriguing matchups to choose from in Week 6.

The Saints head to Foxborough in the attempt to stay undefeated. Can Tom Brady and possibly Rob Gronkowski put an end to their winning streak? Cam Newton and the Panthers try to figure out whatever their problem is in Minnesota, and the Buccaneers search for their first win. A (somewhat) exciting weekend lies ahead.

We didn't post our picks last week, and that's my fault. But not to worry. I kept track from Week 4. Yes, Dave is still in last. Take a look at who we like for Week 6.

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Once again, James tries to be the outcast with his Chargers and Giants picks. He doesn't conform. I honestly can't find any way to believe New York has any chance of winning. The Chargers could hang with the Colts, but I still think that team is rolling right now.

Everyone likes the Cowboys to win against RG3. Dallas doesn't have any pass defense, but neither does Washington. OK, the whole NFC East can't defend the pass. But I think Tony Romo and his offense avenge last week's disappointing shootout.

The Panthers-Vikings game really seems like a toss-up to me. Minnesota at least continues to keep up with most opponents. Philadelphia's defense (see: previous paragraph) is ... existent, I think. We'll see if Mike Glennon steps up. I doubt it, though.

Week 6's marquee matchup, of course, takes place in New England. I picked the Saints again, but if Gronk plays and Amendola continues to be more involved, I expect the Patriots to give the Saints a battle to the end.

What are your thoughts on Week 6?