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Falcons Officially Place Julio Jones on IR, Sign Brian Robiskie

The superstar receiver is done for the year. Robiskie will get a shot to replace him.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons made official what we all debated yesterday: Julio Jones is on injured reserve and out for the year, and Brian Robiskie will replace him.

It's a rough day for Falcons fans. We've already talked about what losing Julio Jones is likely to mean for this offense, so suffice to say the passing attack takes a hit. From here on out, the Falcons are going to dink and dunk, emphasize getting rid of the ball quickly and hope that one of the Harry Douglas/Drew Davis/Kevin Cone triumvirate can step up as a semi-competent deep threat. That's all you can really do.

Brian Robiskie is just 25 and has never played with a competent quarterback, but he's also delivered lackluster results to this point. Ideally, Robiskie would get up to speed in the offense and use his solid hands and blocking ability to carve out a decent little role in the offense, perhaps lining up out wide at times when the Falcons need a tough, short catch. More than likely, he tops out as the #3 or #4 receiver in this lineup, but you never know.

More thoughts coming on how Cone and Davis might fare, but this is where we're at right now. Let's hope Jones is full systems go for 2014 and Robiskie is a pleasant surprise.

Your thoughts?

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