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Lamar Holmes is Not Yet in Game Shape

Lamar Holmes says he needs to get in better shape. It's great that he's figuring this out in week five of the NFL season.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Vaughn McClure, ESPN's Atlanta Falcons reporter, shared today that Lamar Holmes is working on getting in shape for the season. That's great, except that the season started four weeks ago.

Holmes took over the starting right tackle position after Mike Johnson, who looked to be earning the starting role early in training camp, went down with a season-ending injury. Holmes hasn't performed particularly well this season, and has played abysmally at times. Per Pro Football Focus, Holmes has been responsible for two sacks, five hits and 17 hurries on Matt Ryan. Pro Football Focus grades also designate Holmes as the second-worst offensive tackle in the league so far this season. The worst? Sam Baker.

Holmes, a 6'6", 333 pound third round draft pick out of Southern Miss, indicated that his lack of physical fitness is not related to weight, but rather a slow adjustment to the speed of the pro game. Holmes is just getting winded because it's somehow surprising to him that professional football is somewhat physically demanding.

Holmes has looked more comfortable filling in at left tackle for an injured Sam Baker, and has seemed to improve incrementally each week. Holmes says he is spending more time on the treadmill, and even going for the occasional jog, to build up his endurance. However, it's possible that Holmes' opportunity for a starting role has passed, barring a lingering Sam Baker injury. For the time being, Holmes has been replaced on the depth chart by right tackle Jeremy Trueblood.