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The Results Of Our Fantasy Football Community Competition


With the regular season all wrapped up and the playoffs beginning this weekend, I wanted to take this time to extend a thank you to every community who participated in The Extra Point Poll presented by XFINITY. We have seen many great fantasy statistical performances throughout the 17 weeks of The Extra Point Poll. From the emergence of rookies like Andrew Luck and RGIII, to the dominating years following injuries from Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning, it has been an exciting regular season. However, like the Super Bowl only has one winner, the same holds true when crowning the inaugural winner of The Extra Point Poll presented by XFINITY.

With 8 correct selections this season, the winning community of The Extra Point Poll presented by XFINITY is Field Gulls.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks community. The Field Gulls will be donating a portion of their winnings to the charity of their choice.

Thank you again for playing this year! Remember, for all the latest NFL news throughout the playoffs and leading into the NFL Draft in April, be sure to check us out on Twitter @XFINITYSports.

Austin Schindel

XFINITY Sports Guy