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Injured Falcons Return To Practice

John Abraham and William Moore may be limited, but the Falcons are nearing full health before Sunday's playoff tilt with the Seahawks.


Fan optimism has rebounded since the Buccaneers fiasco of Week 17, in no small part because the Falcons who were injured in that game are on track to play this weekend.

Don't believe me? We finally have some real confirmation, in the form of reports from practice. What we've learned from those reports is this:

  • Dunta Robinson is back and practicing in full. That means he's cleared the league's concussion protocol, which should place him near 100% health. That will give the Falcons a strong, deep set of cornerbacks to bring to bear against the Seahawks, who have plenty of depth at receiver.
  • John Abraham is back and practicing on a limited basis. Abe will get as many snaps as he can handle against the Seahawks, but only if he's healthy enough to tackle Marshawn Lynch and pursue Russell Wilson. He's the team's best pass rusher when he's anywhere close to 100%, so it's going to be worth watching his practices the rest of the way.
  • William Moore also practiced on a limited basis. C4 missed the last four weeks of the regular season, so it makes sense that the Falcons would be easing him back into it. Moore would be a huge addition to a Falcons secondary that is going to have to try to force uncharacteristic mistakes from Russell Wilson on Sunday.
  • Chris Owens and Charles Mitchell missed practice. Mitchell hurts from a depth standpoint, but it's Owens I'm most worried about. Even though he's down on the depth chart, his excellent speed would be an asset in this game. I hope he's healthy for the weekend.

And that's about the speed of it. Weigh in down in the comments.