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NFL Playoffs 2013: Offensive Records For The Falcons

Will we see team records broke in the 2013 playoffs? Let's take a look.

Otto Greule Jr

We spent a little time with the Falcons' scant playoff history about a week ago, recounting the mixed history to be found in Atlanta's twelve appearances in 40-plus years. Today, with a tough matchup against the Seahawks looming, I want to talk about records.

This is not to indicate that I believe the Falcons are going to break any records against the Seahawks, or at any point in the playoffs. That would be foolish, and the Football Gods would frown so hard my spine would snap. Instead, we're going to look at it to see some of the highs and lows of the team's history, and marvel at the crazy yardage totals they managed to roll up even in games that ended poorly.

So I'm going to present you a handful of offensive records—because they are the sexiest of records—and let you mull them.

On to the records! Please note that I stuck with single game records for the purposes of this post.

Most Yardage, Game: 427, 1998 Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings
Most Passing Yardage: 366, 1995, Jeff George
Most Passing Touchdowns: 3, 1998, Chris Chandler
Most Rushing Yards: 142, 2004, Warrick Dunn
Most Receiving Yards: 144, 1991, Michael Haynes