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Seattle's Read Option is Pretty Good and Stuff

Fact: Atlanta will make Russell Wilson look like a third round pick on Sunday - buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrnnnnnnn!


Seattle's read option is getting a lot of airplay these days. It's like they invented something, except they didn't. But they are changing it, making it work for them, and improving it as they go. From implementing a split back look to making Zach Miller a backside linebacker killer for hire, they're making moves.

Washington didn't fare too well against the read option. Seattle rushed the ball a fair amount against them, and 30 percent of those rushes were option plays. And, for what it's worth, Russell Wilson average 10 yards per rush.

If you're confused as to what constitutes an option play, then ask Caleb, he's a psychic, grape-squishing ninja. But long story short, it's typically when a quarterback rushes the ball after recognizing that the defensive end or outside linebacker intends to crash the line of scrimmage. He can, of course, employ his "option" if rushing the ball is ill-advised. It's incredibly frustrating if you aren't disciplined enough to defend it, but it's hardly unbeatable. Some folks are saying it is, but it isn't. For serious, it isn't!

To be frank, I have a hard time understanding the logic underlying the "it can't be beaten" thought process. Sure, Seattle's offense went from mediocre to way above average after they started relying heavily on the read option. But as I pointed out, their recent opponents aren't nearly as formidable as those they faced earlier in the season.

Keep in mind, we've seen this already in 2012/13. Cam Newton torched us but we still managed to split our series with Carolina. We know what went wrong with Newton, so it's as simple as not letting that happen again. OK, to be fair, it's probably not that simple, but these are professionals, and we do have some speedy defensive ends. I mean, they have to be speedy, right? Why else would we drop them into coverage so much?! Oh whatever. I'm confused.

Your thoughts?