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Walt Coleman Leads Referees Assigned To Falcons-Seahawks Game

Norm Hall

I know some of you have strong opinions on certain officiating crews, so with a little help from the fine folks at Football Zebras, we've got a look at who will be handling Falcons-Seahawks.

The crew will be led by Walt Coleman, 24 year veteran of the NFL and generally decently-regarded dude. Unfortunately, he's also presided over the infamous Tuck Rule game. He also presided over the Lions-Texans game this season, which featured the really dumb challenge flag thrown by Schwartz which drew a penalty. Not exactly his fault, but I'd prefer a controversy-free one today.

You can find the rest of the list right here.

And what more can you say about referees? Not much, if you're me. I turn it over to you.