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Marshawn Lynch is Pretty Good and Stuff

Fact: Marshawn Lynch's dreads and gold teeth have magical powers

Jonathan Daniel

Seattle's rushing attack primarily consists of Marshawn Lynch with a side of Marshawn Lynch; it is then topped with a Marshawn Lynch reduction and garnished with some organic Marshawn Lynch. Sounds deeeeeeeelicious! Robert Turbin and Leon Washington will spell him on occasion, but don't get it twisted, Lynch is the headliner.

Lynch has rushed the ball 315 times this year, averaging 5 yards a carry. Not too shabby when you consider his relative efficiency. Lynch is 19.2 percent more efficient than league-average. If you're keeping score, he's the third-most efficient running back in the league this year.

We will see plenty of Lynch this weekend. Seattle rushes the ball 33.7 times a game (most in the league), 54.99 percent of their offensive plays (most in the league). Their rushing yards/game average is the second-highest in the league. Meanwhile, they average 8.3 rushing first rounds a game (3rd in the league). They nab so many first downs a game because of their superior power success. When they run third and fourth down, with two or less yards to go, they get a first down or score 70 percent of the time. Basically they get a ton of push along the offensive front, and if we want to compete, we will need to come out swinging along the defensive front. Maybe that seems obvious, and really it is, but it's worth emphasizing.

Put simply, they've been incredibly productive on the ground. You may have just gulped hard, and I wouldn't judge you if you did, because the Falcons' rush defense isn't all that and a piece of cheese. Heck, it's barely a piece of cheese, and it's definitely not an aged cheddar - more like a second-rate swiss. We're not the worst rush defense in the league, but our negative 3.6 percent rush defense DOVA (20th in the league) won't impress many.

Notwithstanding their success on the ground, Seattle isn't ignoring their passing game. Only 33 percent of their scoring comes on the ground (16th in the league). They rely heavily on a Russell Wilson-led passing attack, which isn't as formidable as you may think. I won't digress into that right this second, but look for something along those lines tomorrow evening.

For now, discuss Seattle's rushing attack. Can we handle it? What are your concerns? Will Dave ever go to rehab?