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The Atlanta Falcons 2013 Playoff Schedule: Bring On The Seahawks

Fact: Seahawks are lame and stuff

Scott Cunningham

Our hand is officially dealt. One week from today, the Atlanta Falcons will take on the surging Seattle Seahawks.

At first glance, we're the favorite. Then come all the pro underdog-types who want to act like they're predicting greatness by jumping on the Seattle bandwagon - I'm looking at you Mike Greenberg. Look, we get what you're going for. You think it's awesome that the perennially craptastic Seahawks are in the divisional round. But let's be honest, they've been pretty good all year long. So save all this "you heard it here first" mumbo jumbo for the amateurs.

If you choose to watch Sportscenter this week, expect to hear a lot of "can the Falcons shake their playoff woes?" crap over and over and over again. If you're into that kind of thing, by all means indulge. If you aren't, check in here regularly, as we'll bring you a heck of a lot of quality playoff coverage.

My prediction? Falcons win a close game. This is the stingiest defense in the league we're facing, but the Roddy White/Julio Jones/Tony Gonzalez triumverate is second-to-none. The Seahawks have won 7 of their last 8, but look at who they've played. In order, they beat the Jets, lost to the Dolphins, beat the Bears, beat the Cardinals, beat the Bills, beat the 49ers, beat the Rams, and beat the Redskins. Color me unimpressed. The 49ers and Redskins wins are impressive, but this isn't a Lombardi-caliber team we're talking about. Omit the 49ers win (which you'll be eager to do after the Packers demolish them next week) and the Redskins are the only real talent they've faced since week 9.

I'm ready for this week. Are you?