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William Moore Expects To Be Ready For 2013 Falcons Divisional Game

The star Atlanta Falcons safety returned to practice Saturday.


I'm a day late on this, but good news is always better late than never.

The biggest concern we all had going into the divisional round was that William Moore might not play. The star strong safety has been a turnover and big play machine in 2012, but missed the last four games of the season thanks to a lingering hamstring injury he suffered in the second Saints game.

It sounds like we needn't have worried. Moore returned to practice yesterday and told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he was fully expecting to be ready for the Divisional Round game against either the Redskins or the Seahawks. That would be the best possible outcome, and it means that as of right now, every Falcons starters is expected to be ready to go for what promises to be a tough game.

If Moore couldn't/still can't go, Chris Hope would take his place. I like Hope well enough, but having Moore's knack for the big hit and the turnover will make a difference as the Falcons go for their first playoff win of the Mike Smith era.

Your reaction to Moore's hopeful return?