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Roddy White's Knee No Longer Problematic

Fact: Matt Ryan sleeps in a Roddy White jersey

Kevin C. Cox

Good news from Flowery Branch: Roddy White's knee issue is officially a non-issue.

He didn’t practice before the final three games, but answered the bell in each one like he has in every game since being drafted in 2005.

“It’s feeling good,” White said of the right knee. “I think the second week was really the turning point for everything. I feel a lot more comfortable. I feel like I can move around and do lateral movements and stuff like that instead of just running straight.”

Rejoice! Huzzah! Apple pie and orange soda!

For serious, I'm glad to hear this, as I'm sure most of you are. I've never worried about his ability to play, but this seemingly means he's 100 percent heading into the divisional round. We need him more than Dave needs his night light - and let's just say Dave isn't particularly fond of unaccompanied darkness.

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