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Report: Jaguars May Soon Hire Falcon Director Of Player Personnel Dave Caldwell

The director of player personnel may soon be the Jaguars' general manager.

Al Messerschmidt

The Falcons may well wind up retaining all their of their coordinators, but they may not be so lucky when it comes to Dave Caldwell.

Caldwell has largely avoided the spotlight in Atlanta, but is well-respected in league circles and has been an integral part of the front office for the Falcons as they've remade their roster from a lousy team into a perennial playoff contender. With Mike Mularkey no doubt familiar with him and the Jaguars-Falcons talent pipeline flowing back and forth, it's little wonder that Jacksonville has been heavily linked to Caldwell as they try to wind down their search for a general manager.

This is the fate of good organizations. The Patriots had their front office picked clean of Scott Pioli and Thomas Dimitroff. The Packers lost John Schneider and may soon lose John Dorsey. And the Falcons lost Les Snead to the Rams and probably are going to lose Caldwell to the Jaguars in the very near future.

The Falcons have long taken a next man up philosophy with injured or missing players. They'll have to do the same in the likely even that Caldwell exits.