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Which Tight End Do You Want?

Just kidding. Kate Upton doesn't count.


The Falcons will, most likely, be in the market for a tight end in the coming months. Dave has already asked "What if Chase Coffman is the tight end of choice?"

BUT what if he isn't? I'm jumping on the Jared Cook bandwagon because he's young, he's athletic, and he can catch. And he probably wants out of Tennessee anyway, but at least he doesn't have to go far!

One guy out of college I like is Florida TE Jordan Reed. He's being tutored by one Aaron Hernandez (whom I said would be a monster in the NFL, and look at him now) and he's very similar to Hernandez in that he plays not only TE, but he's also plays other positions in college, much like Hernandez did when he was at Florida.

Reed has good athleticism, but was criminally underused this past year in Florida, if only because their QB was not helpful to their offense at all. He ran the ball some in 2011 as well.

He's not the tallest (6'3") but Hernandez is 6'1" and he's been great for the Patriots. I think Reed could be a similar option for us. We'd probably have to pick him in the second round, as he'll probably not fall to us in the third.

Who's your option for us at tight end? Is it someone already on the team, or is it someone through the draft?