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Falcons GIF of the Year

The moment you've all been waiting for, maybe.


As we sit around waiting for Jan. 13 to roll around, it's time to reflect on the impressive run the Falcons put together during the regular season in 2012. What better way to do that than looking at GIFs?

I saved all of my favorite GIFs as the year progressed, and believe me, there are way to many bookmarks on my computer. Fortunately I was able to browse through them all, and I managed to come up with eight total. Some are funny, some are just impressive. They're all worth it.

Without further ado, I now present to you the best of the best Falcons GIFs from 2012.

Peyton Manning was throwing picks left and right on Monday Night Football in Week 2. William Moore managed to tip this pass intended for Jacob Tamme, haul it in and finish with a 33-yard return. Not a bad way to kick off the Falcons first primetime game of the year.

Mark Sanchez gave us the butt fumble, but let's not forget Peria Jerry and the butt tackle. Seriously, one of the most impressive plays of his career. As Willis McGahee receives the handoff, Jerry somehow manages to get turned around in the backfield, and his 295-pound frame puts No. 23 straight on the ground. Mike Nolan should draw this up again in the playoffs.

Eric Decker had an impressive year in 2012. While that's all well and good, Asante Samuel doesn't really care who you are or what you've done. Here we see Decker preparing to turn upfield. Little does he know Deuce Deuce is just waiting to lay the hit. Poor Eric, we hardly knew ye.

You can view the real-time gif here, but high-speed Spoon wins in my book. His signature celebration has turned into a feeding frenzy. Do not get his way while he's eating. You've been warned.

Lol. The end.

We all know Tony Gonzalez used to be a basketball star as well, but he just wanted to make sure we remembered. After scoring a 7-yard touchdown in the second quarter against San Diego, the future Hall of Famer shows off that beautiful jumper. I'm guessing it would've been nothing but net if there was a net.

I don't think I need to remind you that Julio Jones is a freak. Here we see him abusing Quentin Jammer. Perfectly placed pass by Matt Ryan, outstanding footwork from Julio. I could watch this all day.

If someone gif'd Quizz's ankle-breaking juke on Paul Kruger from the 2012 preseason, it would certainly be here. Hopefully you can recall what I'm referring too. That's ok, though, we still have Quizz making Danny McCray look silly. Honestly, if I was McCray here, I literally would've broken my ankles.

Who wins? Cast your vote, or throw in any other GIF you'd like int the comment section. Surely I missed a few good ones throughout the year.