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Falcons Offensive Line Very Mediocre in 2012

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus released their offensive line rankings yesterday. Spoiler alert: the offensive line was decidedly mediocre in 2012.

Summary: Just good enough. That’s the Falcons’ offensive line, which allows its premium players in the passing game to operate. The downside is that without a truly dynamic back they were often exposed in the run game against more physical lines.

Unless you weren't paying attention this year, the PFF ranking shouldn't surprise you. We struggled running the ball, we were bipolar in pass protection, and we avoided penalties like Dave avoids sobriety. While I appreciate the lack of penalties, I can't help but think we can do better.

We're obviously a pass-first team now, and Tyson Clabo is a pass protecting boss. Peter Konz found himself on the wrong end of a learning curve this year, but the potential is there. Justin Blaylock is Mr. Dependable and Sam Baker recently rediscovered that he doesn't suck. Put simply, it's not a personnel issue. While we need to find a long-term solution at right guard, the framework is viable.

Your thoughts?