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How Does The Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Depth Chart Shake Out In 2013?

Wondering who plays where after Roddy White and Julio Jones.

Rich Schultz

The Falcons may lose Tony Gonzalez this year. They notably have not had a dynamic, home-run hitting third receiver in a good many years. It's fair to wonder how their wide receiver depth chart will shake out, and I wanted to piggyback on what James wrote the other day.

As I see it, the Falcons have two guys locked in right now. Roddy White and Julio Jones are two of the best receivers in the league, and they'll put up ridiculous numbers yet again on the Falcons' offense. Everything after that is murky.

Harry Douglas is signed to an affordable contract, but his route-running has long been suspect, and he rarely has big games. Maybe he can step up if Gonzalez leaves and be the third option in the passing game, but he's nearing 30 and he hasn't yet had that big breakout season.

Drew Davis has some promise as a young receiver, but despite his athleticism and route-running, he didn't get on the field a lot. Kevin Cone mixed injury with inactive all year. There's promise here, but not much else.

The Falcons may pick up a young receiver in a deep draft to chip in, or they might try to roll with Douglas, Davis and Cone/Jackson. Anyway you slice it, the Falcons probably aren't going to have the strongest depth at receiver, even though they have two top-flight options.

Give us your best shot a depth chart.