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The Atlanta Falcons Will Send Three To The Pro Bowl

After Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez dropped out, two Falcons filled their spots in this weekend's Pro Bowl.

Yes, this happened.
Yes, this happened.

The Pro Bowl is only a day away, and as it stands, three Falcons will be heading to the game.

That there are only three players on the NFC roster is, of course, a giant slight in its own right. The Falcons were the league's best team in the regular season and had a slew of terrific players, but wound up with significantly fewer Pro Bowl selections than the dreadful Kansas City Chiefs. Just rehashing some history here, folks.

Nonetheless, three are going. With Tony Gonzalez indicating he has no interest in playing in the game and Matt Ryan missing it with an injury, Julio Jones is the only guy originally voted in who will be going. He will be joined by Thomas DeCoud and William Moore, so the Falcons still managed to send their full complement. Sort of.

While the game doesn't mean a lot in the grand scheme of things, seeing our best players get some form for recognition for all their hard work and production does mean something. Particularly for Julio Jones, since he'll get the chance to find a nice hotel to stay in for all his future Pro Bowl berths.

Cheer for them in the Pro Bowl tonight, and weigh in on the whole Pro Bowl thing.