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Is the "Lombardi or Nothing" Mentality Justified?

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Quick discussion post for y'all tonight. I was hesitant to even broach this topic, because I know emotions will inevitably run high. But that said, I think it's worth discussing. We've gone back and forth previously about whether Falcons fans overreact after playoff losses. Rant Sports' Ken Grace penned an interesting op-ed addressing this question.

Let’s be clear here, the Falcons did not lose to a slouch; they lost to a team who was a play or two away from being in the Super Bowl last year. They lost to a team with a stingy defense and with one of the most talented offensive rosters in the entire NFL. Let’s be clear about this as well, the NFC championship was a good game. Atlanta played some of their best football and surprisingly was able to move the ball against a really good defense.

I won't say I agree with Grace. I'm not 100 percent in his camp, mainly because I understand the frustration felt by many Falcons fans. But I do think he's right in many respects.

The 49ers are a fantastic, talented, well-coached team. And we hung with them. We hung with them as the fans of 28 other franchises sat at home wishing they were in our shoes. If you ascribe to the Lombardi or nothing mentality, then by all means, do your thing. I'll be grateful for what we have and what it appears we could accomplish in the very near future. There's a lot of talent on this team. Much of that talent is still developing, and given another Thomas Dimitroff draft/free agency, we will be that much stouter.

So here's what you're debating: is it fair to act like you're done with this franchise just because they didn't reach and win the Super Bowl?