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Read Option Won't Faze the Falcons in 2013

Fact: nobody has actually seen Dave since the 49ers loss - we think he's in rehab


It's the off-season, and that means it's time to look ahead.

In 2013, we're facing every read option team in the league. We play Carolina home and away, Seattle at home, Washington at home, and San Francisco away. Five of our 16 games will come against teams that run some variation of the infamous read option. Our 2012 schedule was distinctly advantageous in that it prepared us for our 2013 campaign. Huzzah!

While different aspects of the read-option and mobile quarterbacks gave the Falcons troubles this season, they were 3-2 against the quarterbacks listed above and against San Francisco and Kaepernick in the NFC Championship game, they limited the second-year QB to two rushes for 21 yards. The running back aspect of that offense gave the Falcons more trouble and they'll work in the offseason to correct some of those issues.

Put simply, it's something we've faced before, thus we have some sense of what to expect. It scares me, because I think there's arguably some degree of luck involved when you're defending the read option. It takes patience, discipline, and a whole lot of twinkies. The 2013 schedule hasn't been released, but ideally we will play Washington early in the season, well before RGIII is back to form. Meanwhile, Cam Newton is a worthless human being Cam Newton, and he's not going anywhere. I predict Russell Wilson will regress into a sophomore slump and Colin Kaepernick will likely quit football and run for parliament.

Your thoughts?