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2013 NFC Conference Championship Game Featured Best Wide Receiver Performance Of The Year

Julio Jones had Football Outsiders' best game of the season against the San Francisco 49ers.

Chris Graythen

Football Outsiders has some of the best statistics out there, for my money. While they're not flawless and I tend to disregard them automatically every time the Falcons are ranked lower than I think they should be, they do a nice job of diving deep into performances.

I have a reason to talk them up right now: Because according to them, Julio Jones had the best game of any wide receiver this season against the 49ers. That's kind of impressive.

According to the stat DYAR, which adjusts to defensive strength and game circumstances, Jones had by far the most impressive game. His 11 catch, 182 yard, two touchdown performance on the biggest stage of the year for the Falcons was bound to go down as one of the best in franchise history. For it to be the best in a year full of great receiver performances boggles the mind.

If you're wondering how Jones could out-rank Calvin Johnson's crazy year or Brandon Lloyd ringing up 190 yards on the 49ers during the regular season, consider that many of those yards came in garbage time or against inferior defenses. Jones did all his damage in a game the Falcons had to fight tooth and nail to win, and ultimately they did not.

I mention this chiefly to illustrate just how high Jones' ceiling is. If he can put up the best game, by one measure, of any of the NFL's wide receivers in 2012, then he can do that for a full season. That would be terrifying for defenses across the league, of course, and it certainly would help the Falcons on their quest for a Super Bowl in 2013.

Your thoughts on Jones?