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Falcons Already Making Moves

The Falcons have fired Strength Coach Jeff Fish, and there are rumors that Michael Turner will be cut this offseason.


On CBS Sports' player page on Michael Turner, it is saying that the AJC has reported that Turner will be cut, most likely.

This comes on the heels of the Falcons firing strength coach Jeff Fish, who had been with the team for a few years.

I find it interesting that Fish would be fired so soon, which suggests to me that there was a problem with either the team's strength or the team's conditioning.

To me - and I've thought this for a little while, now - a fast start suggests superior strength, but a slow finish is the result of poor conditioning. We see players like Gonzalez (who does his own thing) play without much of a problem, and then there are players like Abe who get flat out exhausted during long stretches. I feel like a defense can be properly conditioned to handle long stretches, if they're trained right.

Evidently the Falcons were not happy with Fish's work, and I believe he's the first of many that will not be on the team next year.

Your thoughts?