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Thomas DeCoud, William Moore Named To Pro Bowl

The two are the latest additions to the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl.

Jeff Gross

The Atlanta Falcons did not have a lot of Pro Bowl representatives this season, much to the chagrin of Falcons fans and those three people who still care about the integrity of the Pro Bowl.

Still, with Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez among the players who have elected not to participate, Thomas DeCoud and William Moore are heading to the Pro Bowl. They were kind of snubbed in the first place.

DeCoud just had a middling game against the 49ers, but his season was filled with turnovers and big plays. I thought he should have been at least strongly considered for a spot in the first place.

Ditto Moore, the secondary's default big hitter and a guy who came up with two picks off Drew Brees earlier this year, making him an eternal folk hero in Atlanta. He's a similarly worthy choice amongst a weak crop of NFC safeties, certainly.

Congratulations to both players!