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The Atlanta Falcons Off-Season Checklist Discussion

Falcons fans weigh in on what must be done this off-season.

Grant Halverson

As you might imagine, we're eager to put that game in the rear view mirror and start talking about the off-season. I wanted to give you the keys for a day, first.

Tell us all what you'd like to see from the Atlanta Falcons this off-season. Whether it's jettisoning some players, drafting others or making a big splash in free agency, tell us what you think needs to be done to improve the Falcons further. What can they do to turn a 13-3 regular season team with a playoff win into a Super Bowl winner?

There's plenty of options here. Just off the top of my head, the Falcons could:

  • Cut Michael Turner and find a new back
  • Re-sign Brent Grimes
  • Re-shuffle the offensive line
  • Find a pass rusher
  • And so on!

We'll do our best to hit all the points you guys raise this off-season. Discuss!