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Falcons vs. 49ers final score: Falcons drop a heartbreaker 28-24

Fact: bandwagons fan will now exit stage left


If you're over this team, then leave. Go find a crochet tournament on ESPN the Ocho and fly your freak flag. This team left it all on the field.

First and foremost, let's give the 49ers some credit. They're a fantastic team. But we hung with them, and we put ourselves in a position to win. We were literally 15 yards from a Super Bowl birth. If that's not a successful season, I'm not sure what is.

Look, I understand the frustration. You want the Lombardi. But 31 teams full of professional football players finish each season without it. If you need a few days, weeks, or months to get over this loss, I respect that. Take all the time you need. But we will be here. We won't give up on this franchise.

The game started out as best as we could've expected. We were up 17-0 in the first quarter, but the 49ers offense soon got its legs. Kaepernick can throw one heck of a ball, and he made us pay in the intermediate range. In many ways, the game resembled last week's victory against the Seahawks, except without the victory.

I don't think I've ever had more respect for Matt Ryan. There's something very wrong with his left shoulder. The pain on his face was obvious. He gritted it out and did his best on that last-second throw, but you could tell he wasn't there physically.

The refs didn't help us here. You'd have to think it'd be a different game penalty-wise if we were the Packers.

Basically that's all I care to say about this game right now. It's over. Many of you will scream and shout about how any season without a Super Bowl victory is a failure. You're free to do that. But you're wrong. This was a fantastic year, and I'm proud of this team. Whatever.