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The Falcons Franchise Has Lived For This Moment

The Falcons have a chance to exorcise all the demons associated with the franchise today.


That's right, folks, here I am with another red-eye for the Falcons.

The 49ers handled a good Packers team, that they did. I certainly hope we win, but I won't pretend to know what will happen. The Falcons could come out flat and get handled, or they could literally rise up to the occasion and run the Niners back to where they came from.

But I can't implore the team to play any harder than they already will. All I can say is, to the fans, do not give up on them, even to the very end. They have never given up all season long, and it showed last week. We all talked all year long about how this team felt different; about how they carried themselves differently, like they really, truly wanted it.

And now we're finally seeing the fruits of their labor.

In 1998, we had a magical season; a season that was surrounded by a season of 7-9 ('97) and a season of 5-11 ('99); a season that we had no business representing the NFC with, but we did, and we gave everyone who ever doubted us a real scare, but then we sank back into Same Ol' Falcons just like we always do.

This is the first time this team has ever hosted an NFC Championship game. I think we've already established that at some point along the way.

Even to this day, nobody believes in us. Except us. The fans who've stuck by them through and through.

So I implore you, Falcons fans. Get up. Stay up. Rise up. And most importantly...don't give up.

Because that poor kid on the other side has no idea what's in store for him if you do.