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NFC Championship 2013: John Abraham Expects To Start Against 49ers

The Falcons need John Abraham. It's a good thing that the defensive end is ready to go against the 49ers.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier this week, we told you that John Abraham was questionable for the game ahead. This is obviously the largest concern for the every Falcon fan heading into the game, given his importance as a pass rusher.

Abe might still be limited, but he's going to start this football game. The team confirmed as much, talking up Abraham's talents while penciling him in for the beginning of the game.

‘‘I think he can be very effective,’’ Smith said. ‘‘With the way the score was at that point and time, we felt like it was not in our best interest to put him back out there. He’s done a nice job this week. He’s participated in practice all week, so we’re anticipating he’ll be ready to go.’’

I really hope the Falcons don't ruin Abe, but it's true that he's going to be needed. Cliff Matthews doesn't offer nearly his prowess as a pass rusher, and Kaepernick must be kept in the pocket. Let's hope that he can play a majority of snaps, and play them effectively.

What do you expect from Abraham in this one?