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Guess Work NOT Part of Falcons' Plans This Week

Fact: Mike Smith astrological sign is pit viper


As my fauxhawked friend Caleb pointed out, the Falcons are practicing this week. Four times to be exact. That said, it doesn't appear they will game plan for any specific opponent until after the wild card round.

The Falcons will practice more frequently — holding four practices — this week. They also will spend less time in practice emulating the schemes run by their potential playoff foes and do more “Falcons on Falcons” work.

The idea is that the different schedule and practice strategies will keep the Falcons primed when they have neither an opponent on which to focus nor a game to get ready for next weekend. Falcons players from the 2010 team said they relaxed back then.

This isn't what I expected. To be frank, I expected the defense to key in on defending a mobile quarterback, because I'll be gosh darned if the Vikings somehow defeat the Packers twice in two weeks. Assuming the Packers win, we're preparing for Russell Wilson (489 rushing yards) or RGIII (853 rushing yards). Then again, neither Wilson nor Griffin are Michael Vick reduxes. They rank 8th and 6th in QBR respectively.

The coaches will begin preparing for all three of our potential opponents this week. So even if the players aren't thinking ahead, the coaches are, insofar as they can. And I can live with that.