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Dirk Koetter Signs Two Year Extension With Falcons

The first-year offensive coordinator will be with Atlanta through 2014, if all goes well.

Kevin C. Cox

There was much hand-wringing over the fact that Dirk Koetter was set to interview with multiple teams for head coaching vacancies this week, and justifiably so. Koetter has shown a sharp eye for the passing game and a willingness to let Matt Ryan lead the offense, two things that made him a vast improvement over Mike Mularkey. We'll ignore the ground game for now.

The Falcons apparently feared losing Koetter, as well, because FOX Sports' Alex Marvez is reporting that they've locked him down with a two-year contract extension. The terms aren't available yet, but this removes a potential distraction and ensures Koetter will continue his fine work with the Falcons for the foreseeable future. Koetter, of course, led the Falcons to a franchise record 281.8 passing yards per game in 2012.

I don't think Koetter was particularly likely to grab a head coaching gig, personally, though the Chiefs were a strong possibility with their need for an offensive-minded head coach. The fact that he was linked to so many teams did give him strong leverage with the Falcons, and I sense that even if the Falcons thought someone like Norv Turner could give them a strong offense in 2013, they were reluctant to lose the continuity with this offense and the rapport Koetter already enjoys with his players.

Pencil the Falcons in for a top ten offense again in 2013. I'm glad to have Koetter firmly on board, and I can only hope that Mike Nolan and Keith Armstrong stay, as well.

Weigh in, if you would.