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Why Do the Falcons Suck at tackling?

Fact: Dave doesn't have a blood alcohol concentration; he just has vodka coursing through his veins

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Quick discussion post this evening. One question: why do the Falcons suck at tackling?

It's one of life's great mysteries - like Dave's blood alcohol concentration and the McDonald's secret sauce recipe. Maybe there is no answer. But it's definitely a problem. And we definitely need to fix it.

Asante Samuel’s tackling ineptitude is the stuff of legend by now, but Thomas DeCoud has matched him with 21 missed this season. Sean Weatherspoon, their best linebacker, isn’t far behind with 15, and Dunta Robinson has missed 13 as he elects to go for kill shots rather than wrap-up tackles more often than not. Atlanta has six defenders that have missed more than 10 tackles this season ...

No bueno folks. No bueno at all.

Maybe it's the scheme, or maybe it's the way Mike Nolan expects everyone to swarm the ball carrier. Whatever it is, it doesn't make winning any easier.

Your thoughts?