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NFL Playoff Picks: Who Is Heading To The Super Bowl?

Who will be playing for a shot at the Lombardi Trophy on Feb. 3? We're about to tell you, with absolutely zero bias.

"Hey man, let's go grab a beer!" "Neither of us drink." "Well, whatever."
"Hey man, let's go grab a beer!" "Neither of us drink." "Well, whatever."
Kevin C. Cox

If the Falcons lose in the NFC Championship, everyone in Atlanta will probably have a heart attack. If the Falcons win, everyone in Atlanta will probably have a heart attack. It's really a lose-lose for your health.

After finally "getting the monkey off their back", a phrase I definitely made up and haven't heard 1,397 times in the past week, the Dirty Birds are set to host the 49ers on Sunday afternoon. The Ravens will face off against the Patriots shortly afterward, so we're in for quite a finale to the conference playoffs.

Last week Dave and I picked the Falcons to advance, and look what happened. This time around I have Caleb and James in the picture again. Who does everyone think will be playing in two weeks at the Superdome? Take a look.

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There you have it, folks, the homerism continues. Let's be honest, San Francisco is one tough team. Jim Harbaugh is an outstanding coach, Colin Kaepernick is a dangerous young quarterback and Michael Crabtree will abuse you (too soon for puns?) in the passing game. Not to mention their defense ranked fourth against the run and pass in the regular season.

All that being said, I still feel confident about the Falcons right now. The new coordinators helped fuel them to finally win a playoff game with the current regime, and if they figure out a way to play all four quarters like the first half against Seattle, we will be seeing Atlanta play in its second Super Bowl. Matt Ryan is stepping up, the offensive line looks impressive in pass/run blocking and the defense continues to be opportunistic, forcing huge turnovers when they're needed. To summarize: Falcons, y'all.

Only Caleb took the Ravens in the AFC Championship. The way I see it, Baltimore nearly escaped with a win against New England at home earlier this year. While they have the emotional edge with Ray Lewis, I still think Tom Brady and his offense poses too much of a threat for an aging defense.

But that's just me. Let's hear what you think. Who wins on Sunday?