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Matt Bryant's Happy Place

Fact: Dave's happy place involves tequila and hundreds of pez dispensers


Matt Bryant is dependable, clutch, and just plain awesome. He's a guy that knocks down game-winning field goals like it's his job, because ya know, it is his job. He's also the guy who told Greg Hardy to have fun watching the Falcons play in January.

And he's the guy who regularly relies on his "happy place" when knocking down field goals like a boss.

"I've tried to approach every kick the same way - the nerves, the emotion and everything else, it's definitely there leading up to the game. For kickers, I think you have to be able to manage the situation, and once you step out across those white lines it's kind of like a twilight zone and you go to a different place. You go somewhere else. It's kind of like Happy Gilmore, you just try to go to a happy place."

First of all, mad props for the Happy Gilmore reference. Amazing movie. On a serious note, I love his approach, and I love his general attitude. He's professional yet laid back. Confident yet humble. Bald yet not-so-bald. He's a slightly harder, balder, kicking version of Matt Ryan.

Nothing to see here. Just a bit of homerism for your Wednesday evening.