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Colin Kaepernick Is Not A Joke

Seriously. He's not.

Thearon W. Henderson

I saw a lot of comments flying around the blogosphere about Colin Kaepernick's youthful appearance. Some of them were funny, but Kaepernick himself is no joke.

No quarterback in the history of the NFL has ever run for as many yards at Kap put up on the hapless Green Bay Packers a week ago. His passing was sharp, his running terrifying and his poise remarkable for a guy being asked to carry his team over a very good opponent, albeit one that seemed to implode after a certain point. His pick six early in the game could have doomed the 49ers, but it did not. He was awesome from there on out.

One might be tempted to compare him to Russell Wilson, especially after this last week.

Stylistically, these are similar quarterbacks. They run well, they have great arms and they make surprisingly effective decisions for young quarterbacks. But it's worth noting that Wilson is more quick than fast and has fewer total turnovers to his name, while Kaepernick has better straight line speed and an even stronger arm. They're both quite good, but as dangerous and good as Wilson is, Kaepernick is probably an even bigger threat right now.

So the Falcons must contain him. The 49ers run the ball well, yes, but the Falcons proved they can slow down a capable back if they swarm to him. Stopping Kaepernick is tougher, and it will require more than a quarterback spy, as Erik Walden of the Packers found out. It will take a dedicated effort to bottle him up, and it would help if Abe was there. They need to force him to make mistakes.

Your thoughts on stopping Kaepernick?