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Falcons Get Tony Gonzalez His First Career Playoff Win

The Hall of Fame tight end was emotional following the 30-28 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Streeter Lecka

A man like Tony Gonzalez doesn't have regrets. He has accomplishments.

Gonzo will go down as the greatest tight end in NFL history. He's helped hundreds, at least, through his charitable efforts. He has a beautiful family, legions of fans and the respect of nearly every player and coach in the game of football. What's to regret?

For Gonzalez, it came down to one simple nettle, something beyond his control. It came down to never winning a playoff game. Playing 16 years, being the greatest ever at your position and not having a win in the post-season has to gnaw at you. It's human to pick to focus on what you don't have, and while I don't claim to have a window into Gonzo's mind, you know it bothered him.

No more. With the 30-28 nail-biter of a win over the Seahawks, Gonzo can leave that little issue behind. It helps that he caught a vintage Tony Gonzalez touchdown pass in the game, hauling it in despite tight coverage and toe-tapping to stay inbounds. He was an integral part of the game plan, and now he has a playoff victory to add to that long list of accomplishments.

You can see how much it meant to him right here.

Now for that Super Bowl.

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