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John Abraham Leaves Game With Injury, May Not Return

The star pass rushing defensive end re-aggravated an existing injury.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The Falcons got off to a dominant start, but the second half will see them playing without their best pass rusher.

John Abraham re-aggravated his leg injury and was last seen sitting glumly on the sidelines at the end of the second quarter. FOX says he's questionable to come back, which means we probably won't see him again except in case of emergency today. I expect he's out.

The Falcons pass rush will have to step up without him, which they've done and haven't done in the third quarter. Vance Walker had a huge sack, but the Falcons failed to close on Wilson on the other plays in the drive and it led to a Seattle touchdown.

Fingers crossed for Abe's health, and his speedy return.