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Falcons-Seahawks Third Quarter Open Thread

The Falcons-Seahawks divisional round playoff game continues.


All week long, we've heard about how well the Seahawks match up with the Falcons in almost every facet of the game. For the first half, at least, it certainly looked like everything we heard was utter bullshit.

The Falcons dominated the Seahawks throughout the first two quarters. They had the ball longer, did more with it, forced more mistakes and came away with a 20-0 lead. To dominate a team that was widely perceived as the most complete in the NFL to that degree doesn't just announce the Falcons' arrival on the scene. It shows that this whole season has been little more than a tune-up.

The Seahawks aren't just going to roll over in the second half, and the Falcons need to keep rolling themselves if they want to win this one. John Abraham may not return to the game. But if the Falcons play like they did in the first half, they're going to be in the NFC Championship Game.

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