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San Francisco 49ers-Green Bay Packers Divisional Round Open Thread

It's time for two elite NFC teams

Jonathan Daniel

Now for the game we care more about. The always dangerous Packers take on the highly-respected and defensively effective 49ers. It's likely to be a great game.

Personally, if I have to choose between a cobra and a box jellyfish, I'll take the cobra. The Packers are capable of putting up huge gobs of points and, when their offense is firing, can beat any team in the NFL. They may not look as dangerous, but their secondary is underrated and they score a ton.

The 49ers, meanwhile, are excellent in most facets. They run the ball well, rush the passer well, slow down the run well and even pass pretty well. But that offense just isn't as dynamic and a rookie QB prone to a few mistakes changes the dynamic of games.

Either way, tough matchup for whoever wins Falcons-Seahawks. If you want to talk with fans of the team, visit these two sites:

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