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Falcons Snub in All Pro Selections

Fact: I'm no longer associating with the association known as the Associated Press

Scott Cunningham

All Pro selections were announced today. It's like Christmas, except without the yelling and scotch. And [spoiler alert] only one Falcon was selected. Say what?!

You have to feel really bad for Roddy. On second thought, you don't have to, but you should. He was way more efficient than Brandon Marshall and A.J. Green. In my humble but accurate opinion, Andre Johnson deserved to be first team along with Megatron. Then Marshall and Roddy should have been second team. Green was fantastic this year, but Roddy's contributions trumped his, at least from an efficiency standpoint.

Look, it is what it is - the obvious snubbing hurts. I could rant and rave about what a miscarriage of justice this is, because let's be honest, I'm a talented ranter. But I'm going to leave that task to our talented readership. I will say this: at some point, the media's distaste for Atlanta's professional sports teams becomes comical. It's pathetic really, and I'm done worrying about it.

Your thoughts?