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Why The Falcons Should Run The No-Huddle

Why the Atlanta Falcons need to run the no-huddle offense as much as humanly possible against the Seattle Seahawks.

Otto Greule Jr

Everyone's been fond of telling me this week that the Seattle Seahawks are the most balanced team left in the playoffs. Football Outsiders declares that they have no glaring weaknesses, and I'd argue with that if I had a leg to stand on. Aside from Russell Wilson holding on to the ball a long time and Chris Clemons being out, this team is really balanced.

Balance does not mean unbeatable, however, and the Falcons are a talented enough team to overcome that balance if the play a quality game. They just need to play to their strengths, execute at a high level and make fewer mistakes than the Seahawks. Not easy, but doable.

The no huddle offense is one way the Falcons can attack Seattle effectively.

Simply put, the no huddle is meant to allow an offense to impose their will on a defense. If a D wants to substitute, they need to call a timeout. It keeps one unit on the field and allows you to wear down the defense slowly but surely. The Falcons have run the no-huddle effectively with Matt Ryan under center, and anything you can do to keep the Seahawks from getting too comfortable is a good thing.

Rather than dive too deeply, though, I want to turn the floor over to all of you. Would you like to see the Falcons run the no-huddle, and do you believe it will help?