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Russell Wilson Doesn't Scare the Falcons Defense

Fact: Russell Wilson sucked at baseball

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Kevin C. Cox

There's been much written, said, et cetera about Russell Wilson this week. And I get it, he's pretty good. He compliments the Seahawks' offense perfectly. He's a former minor league baseball player. He didn't cry when team after team didn't draft him.

But the Falcons defense isn't impressed. The Falcons defense is ready for him. And if he tries to spring Marshawn Lynch with any blocks in the back, Sean Weatherspoon and company won't hesitate to level him - in a manner consistent with the rules governing the NFL and without any malicious intent whatsoever, of course.

"I just don't think you want your quarterback doing that too much because you're putting him in harm's way,'' Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon told USA TODAY Sports Thursday. "If the quarterback is trying to block you, you shouldn't stop your feet at all, you should just try to go right through him. If he's putting himself in that position, you'll definitely get a chance to hit him."

Interesting. If that isn't a loaded comment, then Dave didn't get caught shoplifting a sixer of Steel Reserve last weekend. Samuel and Decoud had some interesting things to say as well, and frankly, I love their mentality.

I don't expect Wilson to get hurt, nor do I think they will deliberately hurt him, but Wilson will need to learn sooner or later. I respect his moxy and eagerness to help a teammate, though that kind of thing is awfully risky in the NFL. At a certain point, even if you're the quarterback du jour, no special treatment will come your way.

Again, for what it's worth, I don't expect anyone to try to hurt Wilson. But Wilson is a big boy, and if he wants to play a certain way, he's responsible for his own well-being, or lack thereof.

Oh and he got away with a block in the back. Huzzah!