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Falcons Crush Chiefs In Opener: A Postgame Thread

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I expected great things from the Atlanta Falcons coming into 2012, but those were tentative expectations. We didn't really know how the units would gel and whether the offense and defense would be able to come together.

An ugly first half for the defense marred things just a smidge, but overall I can't imagine a much more successful debut for the Falcons. They were simply awesome on offense, while the defense clamped down in the second half and forced three turnovers from Matt Cassel. It was a beautiful game, and not even as close as the final 40-24 score would seem to indicate. It was great to watch.

They exceeded my expectations, is what I'm saying, and I expect they did the same for a lot of you. This might just be a hell of a fun year.

If you go over to Arrowhead Pride, a reminder to be extremely courteous. They're not enjoying today, and I don't want to be the kind of fans that rub that in.

Discuss! We'll have recaps and more in the morning.