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Dominique Franks is Excited About Reunion with the Falcons

Fact: Spoon doesn't care if you're the sixth best corner on the team
Fact: Spoon doesn't care if you're the sixth best corner on the team

He's baaaaaaaack! Dominique Franks has had a tumultuous couple of weeks. He didn't have a great preseason, though he was a leading candidate for the punt return job. Then he kicked butt and took names against the Jaguars. But that wasn't enough - he was cut. Just two years after we drafted him in the fifth round out of Oklahoma, Franks was unemployed. One Tim Toone injury later, he's back in red and black.

It's not like his career was over. He worked out for several teams. He'd have caught on somewhere.

"They wanted to bring me back and this is where I always wanted to be," Franks said. "It’s always good to be able to come back and reunite with the guys and the coaches. There are no hard feelings at all. I know it’s a business, so I just have to come in and prepare even harder and make sure that this doesn’t happen again."

I like that attitude. This isn't college ball. You're not on scholarship, and the best men make the team. Franks appreciates that, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to stick. In his case, solid returns and special teams play is what will keep him around. If he sees the field on defense, we're either way ahead or something has gone terribly wrong.