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Falcons vs Chiefs: Let's Get It On

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The Falcons' 2012 campaign kicks off tomorrow. We've eagerly anticipated this game for more than six months. It's been a long off-season. And ready or not, it's time.

There are several interesting matchups to keep an eye on. Eric Berry returns after missing most of 2011, and Tony Gonzalez, former Chief, begins what will likely be his farewell campaign. Matt Cassel has something to prove, because let's be honest, when your record as a starter is sub .500, all eyes are on you. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan is stuck in good-but-not-great status. I'm sure he's primarily concerned with getting wins, but I'm also sure he'd like to get over that hump.

The Falcons' new coordinators will debut. With the much maligned MM and BVG gone, our affinity for one and done playoff appearances is hopefully a thing of the past. Dirk Koetter, in particular, will look to take advantage of a banged up Chiefs defense. Mike Nolan, known for his sack-happy defenses, will try to make us forget about BVG's mustache.

Most nerve-wracking of all, Pat Hill's offensive line will need to perform. Matt Ryan's happy feet can't take another 2011. Remember, this offensive line minus Reynolds and plus Dahl was one of the best in the league only two years ago.

All in all, it'll be a great game. I'll be watching. Hopefully you'll be watching. Let's get it on!