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Falcons' Breakout Player vs. Chiefs: Harry Douglas

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Everybody knows about Roddy White. Everybody knows about Julio Jones. Everybody also knows about Tony Gonzalez.

But behind those three men is someone whose career numbers won't scare you. His major knee injury a few years ago hampered him from a potentially awesome career, but he's hung around and very quietly made himself a weapon of the Falcons' offense that, in my opinion, criminally underuses him.

Harry Douglas is my breakout player against the Chiefs this week. Brandon Flowers, for all the time he's missed, won't require much time to get back to full speed, and Stanford Routt is no slouch. However, both of those men cannot cover three people, and I'd bet on HD against most teams' 3rd CB.

Dallas burned the jerseys right off of the Giants last night by using previously-no-named Kevin Olgetree heavily in their offense. I'd like to see the Falcons use HD in a similar way. Heck, for all I know, Roddy and Julio will have a field day against the KC secondary. Will it happen? Not likely.

The trick is to actually throw to HD. I don't know whether or not he gets open because I don't have the benefit of film study, but I would imagine he gets open more than most people think he does.

I make the Dallas reference because I think it could be extra useful for a team like KC, which has two stellar outside CBs. Everyone knows about the Roddy/Julio show, but HD can still get it done.

Who's your breakout player for Sunday's game?