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Rising Up Through GIFs: An Animated Look At Falcons-Panthers

A collection of the best GIFs from the Falcons-Panthers game.

Kevin Liles-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Debuting a new feature this week, for your viewing pleasure. It's an animated look at the 30-28 Falcons win, through the magic of GIFs.

To begin with, the Falcons were marching down the field as per usual. Suddenly, a wild interception appeared! Ryanint_medium


The Falcons had a sad, of course. :( They followed that up by letting Cam Newton and the Panthers stomp down the field, ending in this:



The Falcons were now down 7-0. Anger erupted. Cities collapsed. The Earth spun through the cold, dark reaches of outer space, alone.

Then Roddy White was like, "farg that noise," and did this:



Beautiful pass, beautiful catch, beautiful moment. I heard violins in the background. Triumphant ones.

The Panthers were not going to be put away that easily, though. They answered with Cam Newton's scamper, which was impressive unless you were a Falcons fan. Then it just sucked.



That set up a short touchdown run for DeAngelo Williams. That led to a 14-10 score. With just 1:49 left in the second quarter, Ryan again found Roddy White in the end zone.



In the second half, the Falcons padded their lead out to 24-14 when Ryan found Michael Turner for an extremely improbable 60 yard touchdown pass down the middle. I don't know if this actually happened, but here's a snippet from some alternate dimension in which Turner can catch a 60 yard touchdown pass:



Then the Panthers started making noise. Again. Cam Newton ran one in after a supremely frustrating drive in which the defense kinda fell apart:



Then Cam Newton threw a touchdown pass off his back foot that put the Panthers up. Things looked grim for our beloved black-clad Birds!



They continued to look grim until the Panthers failed to convert on a fourth and short because...well, I'm not entirely sure why. Something about Ron Rivera sitting smugly on the sidelines, counting his win money. Then Matt Ryan found Roddy White again:



The only gif I'm missing is Matt Bryan'ts game-winning field goal, but you hardly need to see that. Just close your eyes and watch the ball float through the middle of the uprights, as it has so many times before. Football Gods bless Matt Bryant.

So that's the GIF recap. Talk it out!