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One Falcon To Watch: Asante Samuel

Why Asante Samuel should have an outsized impact on the Falcons-Panthers game.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons are going to try to force a few Cam Newton turnovers in Week 4, as we've mentioned throughout the week. The guy who's in the best position to do it? Asante Samuel.

Despite his lack of turnovers in 2012, Samuel is a superbly talented cornerback who has a knack for coming up with interceptions. Considering he'll likely be matched up against a fellow superior talent in Steve Smith, his performance will be incredibly important for the Falcons.

I think he'll have pretty good luck containing Smith, all things considered, and should be able to get his first pick of the season. Some may accuse me of underestimating Cam Newton and the Panthers, but I don't think that's true. I just think that when you gamble, you get burned, and Newton likes to gamble. The safeties have been turnover machines so far, but that doesn't mean that Samuel isn't due.

Who's your pick for Falcons to watch?