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Is John Abraham Really Our Only Pass Rusher?

Edwards, Biermann, and Sidbury have all been silent on the stat sheet thus far, but are the stats demonstrating their worth?

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Short discussion post for you all this afternoon.

It's easy to point out that Ray Edwards has only three tackles to his name this season and a chilly 3.5 sacks with the Atlanta Falcons since he arrived last season. It's also easy to point out that Biermann doesn't have any sacks this season, either.

But it's not always so simple. For instance, watch this sack of Philip Rivers from last week. Yes, Abe gets credit with the sack, and deservedly so, but look who else is within inches of Rivers. That's right, it's Biermann.

A rush like that won't show up on any stat sheet. That's something you'll only see in film study (or if you see it during the game).

At times, yes, our pass rush is awful. But also at times, opponent's OLs can have good spurts. These things (sadly, or perhaps fortunately) can go both ways.

I think our pass rush as a whole is better than the statistics may suggest. What do you think?