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Arthur Blank Heavily Involved in League/Refs Agreement

Our illustrious, mustached owner does it again. Nobody says no to the mustache.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The Falcons weren't the victim of any irreversible replacement ref blunders, at least none that really mattered. Sure, they made some questionable calls. And we were on the wrong side of that shenanigan-heavy ridiculousness a couple times. But we didn't lose any games as a result. Turns out Arthur Blank was part of a coalition of owners that helped end the referee lockout.

"I think this is also good for the replacement officials. I say that kind of tongue in cheek. They were out there working hard, doing the best that they can, and clearly, they didn't have the experience that was necessary. It wasn't really fair to them to hold them to the same standard, but we have to," he said. "They're probably happy that this is over for them, too. I don't know if they'll publicly say that, but I think it's better really for all of us."

Good for him. He knows were aren't invincible. He saw how whining like babies trusting in the system worked out for the Packers. And he did something about it.

This lockout was an absolute joke. They were literally arguing about 30 million dollars. A lot of money, unless your league makes 9 billion dollars a year. I hope Ed Hochuli puts Roger Goodell in a head lock and doesn't let go.

Thank you Arthur. Thank you for taking some initiative. Now put the mustache back in its case. Don't want to waste that mojo.

James out! [throws peace sign]