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5 Reasons To Celebrate Falcons-Chargers

Five great reasons to celebrates the Atlanta Falcon win over the San Diego Chargers.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

After a 27-3 drubbing of a good team, there's plenty to celebrate. For today, we'll confine ourselves to five, for the sake of brevity. Rest assured there are many more.

  1. Matt Ryan's emergence as one of the league's elite quarterbacks. Ryan may finish with under 4,000 yards this year, but that would be because the Falcons continued to thump the opposition thoroughly every week. His 8/1 TD:INT ratio, his sterling accuracy and the way he moves this offense have finally erased any questions of whether he belongs in the same conversation as the best quarterbacks in the NFL, small sample size be damned.
  2. Michael Turner's second half explosion on the ground has given the Falcons at least an appearance of a balanced offense again, which forces teams like the Carolina Panthers to prepare for the run. That's a little less time spent on slowing down the passing game, which is the no-so-secret juggernaut here.
  3. Julio Jones is relatively uninjured and will not miss time, so his domination tour of the NFL can continue.
  4. The defense remains leaps and bounds ahead of where it's been. The front seven generate pressure, the Falcons cause turnovers and they just generally befuddle opposing offenses. It's beautiful.
  5. Matt Bosher and Matt Bryant remain two of the most reliable special teamers in the NFL today. When you look around and see how many botched punts and missed field goals there were last weekend, it makes you want to throw a little party.

What are you celebrating today?