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Julio Jones Has Laceration On Hand: Hasn't Cared Yet

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Courtesy of the Falcons twitter feed:

Smith: Julio has a laceration on his hand. That's all. He was able to get back out yesterday.

This is excellent news, considering what the possibilities could've been. Thankfully, we're doing better than players such as Revis (ACL, out for season) and Heyward-Bey, who is able to move all of his extremities and is stable. It looks like DHB is going to be alright, but they're still investigating what appears to be a neck injury and not a concussion.

Julio runs a crazy speed on a broken foot at the combine, and now he makes plays with a hand injury? He's turning into a legend already...or the modern day Braveheart.

There won't be a Monday recap from me for this week. I thought about it, but we pretty much dominated every facet of the game for SD and anything I'd find negative would just be nitpicking.

So for today, let the good times continue with more good news!